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Art Songs

When I was a music student at a conservatorium which shall remain unnamed, not only did I fail in almost every subject, but to cap it off, composition was not a subject option! Perhaps as a result of feeling somewhat melancholic, I wrote these three songs when I was studying the Schubert "Winter's Journey" song cycle at the conservatorium. The songs are quite chromatic and difficult to sing. As of this moment (November 1996) the songs have not been performed either privately or publicly. If you decide to give them a world premiere, then please let me know and I will place an acknowledgment here. You could become world famous :-)

The music you are listening to is Song of the Vine.

Title Description View/Download
Farewell for voice and piano A fast song requiring good pitch from the singer. Page 1 (GIF)
Page 2 (GIF)
The Sick Rose for Voice and Piano This song is in the key of a quite chromatic f minor. The words are by William Blake. Page 1 (GIF)
Page 2 (GIF)
A Widow Bird for Voice and Piano A slow sad song. The words are by Percy Bysshe Shelley. Page 1 (GIF)
Page 2 (GIF)

PDF and MIDI Files for the above

PDF File of all the above songs
MIDI File for all the above songs

Christian Songs

Here are arrangements that I have made of 2 Christian songs of Peter Mangold who is one of Australia's most prolific song writers. The songs are taken from his book "Sing A New Song" which contains 59 original songs.

I belong to you LORD

I Belong Small GIF

Page 1 (GIF) | Page 2 (GIF) | MIDI File | Real Audio I Belong Real Audio

Song of the Vine

Vine Small GIF

Page 1 (GIF) | Page 2 (GIF) | Page 3 (GIF) | MIDI File | Real AudioI Belong Real Audio

Paul Copeland
Last updated on Saturday, 07 April 2001