Joseph A. Sarlo

    This site was constructed for the primary purpose of demonstrating my web designing abilities and techniques to prospective clients and employers. It has, however, evolved into a somewhat brief profile of my achievements and aptitudes as both a web page designer, computer programmer and as a musician. The contents of this site are entirely of my own creation and design. This includes all graphics such as buttons, banners, and backgrounds, all JavaScript, VBScript, and ActiveX applications (excluding some of the ActiveX controls themselves), all animations, and all sounds and music related material. Contact information is available in the Resume section of this site. Since this site is so heavily enhanced with VBScript and ActiveX, it is best viewed with the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. The current version of the Netscape Navigator browser does not support these enhancements. If you have any questions about how something on this site was created or have any comments please send me e-mail.