El Chipo de Silicio fecit

Arabic-Persian Transliteration (22 February 2001)

The download is a zipped file (APXLIT.ZIP, 53K) containing

  (1) TNAR.TTF (Arabic transliteration font)
  (2) TNER.TTF (plain English of same font)
  (3) TNAR.RTF (documentation and exemplification)

Download it, unzip it, install the fonts in Windows, and finally open TNAR.RTF with WORDPAD or something better. If the Arabic in that file appears correctly, there you are. Something better than WORDPAD is recommended. The document was set up by WinWord with landscape orientation and tabs such that you can print a keyboard map the size of most desktops' keyboards. WORDPAD loses this information.

Download it >>> RIGHT HERE. <<<