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Beltex Sheep Catalogue 2001
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Beltex Shearlings

£800 & Over


£600 to £700

£500 to £600

We have had very good sales this year and all our Shearlings are sold. We will be selling Gimmers in lamb in December - watch this site for news

Have you considered buying Recipients with embryo scanned, to your order? We can supply embryos fertilised by Viagrow or Caliph (ARR/ARR) in high health status recipients. The ewes flushed can be either Beltex or Texel to your choice. I am holding back donor ewes for this service. £350 for one embyo scanned £450 for two embyo scanned

There are problems with F&M zones and 20 day rules that make implanting embryos in your own ewes a problem, but frozen embryos could be supplied to be implanted on your farm . For frozen embryos the cost would be about £150 each

Our shearlings grew well this year and were the best we have ever produced - Scan the Sales pages to see the quality sheep you could have from our embryo. Following our successful sales at Kelso we have included a quality group of Beltex x Texel Shearlings in the Catalogue. These are all sold, but embryo could be provided.

We have photographed our sheep standing free, whenever possible, to give the truest impression possible of their quality.
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There are stocks of Viagrow semen available at £30 per dose with a minimum order of 10 doses for £300. Special prices are available for commercial breeders. Semen from stock tups is available at the same price including from Caliph, the new Musschen ram.

Ram Lambs

Beltex X Texel
3/4 & 7/8 Beltex cross Females
There are 30 Gimmers and 60 Ewe Lambs for sale, surplus to our current needs. All are of good quality, high health status, with good Beltex characteristics. They would be particularly good to produce lambs for carcase competitions.

Animals marked Offers sold at the auction by Graham Burke, Lawrie & Symington, Forfar Marts, 48 John Street, Forfar Tel: 01307 462651 mobile 07836 594196
Most of the some 50 rams on offer were sold at good prices to an enthusiastic audience of about 100 with many telephone bids. Estate bidders buying numbers showed the demand for using Beltex in restocking major holdings with good carcase quality sheep. Our thanks to Graham for his hard work and sleepless nights making the sale possible. I am sure it will be a regular feature in the Scottish Calender Live or Video.

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by Biggar
ML12 6HF
Luck-Penny Insurance is no longer available. However, we are confident of the quality of our own rams and sell with a guarantee. See the Conditions of Sale for details:
Conditions of Sale
The purchase date shall be the date on which the sale was first agreed. The full purchase price is to be paid within 30 days of the purchase date, or 7 days before a ram is removed from the farm whichever is the sooner.

If the ram does not work, or is certified by a vet to have died from a pre-existing condition within 3 months of the purchase date, only the purchase price will be refunded.
Replacement rams are not guaranteed to be provided, but may be available at the catalogue price.
We cannot stress enough the need to protect our stock and our customers stock from Foot & Mouth.
We will be pleased to have visitors from Provisionally Free or At Risk Areas by appointment. Coveralls will be provided if required by our veterinary advisors.
For customers from Infected Areas we will be pleased to Video Tape any Rams by request. Please do not visit us if you have visited a farm in an Infected Area in the last 7 days.
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