Sonata for Solo Violin in D major, Op. 115 (1947)

Tema con variazioni
Con brio ~ Allegro precipitato

The Sonata for Solo Violin, Op. 115, was written in 1947. This makes it the last work which Prokofiev wrote for the violin in a solo role, alone or in the chamber music context. The composer's initial intention was pedagogic; he stated that in one sense he wanted to write an extended etude for violin.

The texture of this solo sonata is bare and uncluttered, spun thinly in the neoclassical manner, but it breaks now and again into a brilliance born of clarity. The second movement is in variation form; the theme, and likewise the short variations, are lyrical and introspective for the most part, and as such characteristic of Prokofiev's later style as a whole. The outer movements, and especially the masurka-like finale, are marked by typical elements of 'scherzo' lines. As befits a work in this genre, the faster movements contains their fair share of violinistic challegens - witness the double-stops of the finale.

Program note by Matti Raekallio

Ondine recording (ODE 807-2): Ilya Grubert, violin; Matti Raekallio, piano

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Created: April 23, 1997