To steal a line from the page of my very best friend and mentor, Jay Lewis (it is Jay, isn't it?), "This is the Seinfeld of web sites; it's also about nothing but isn't as funny." However, what is funny is that today, I'll be putting up five thousand dollars of my money and be giving the totally strange stranger who is viewing this page a chance to win it, if (s)he's quick enough, smart enough, lucky enough, and has inside connections on how I can spend a night in the Lincoln bedroom.

Now, the Chumbawumba to my (ahem) Tubthumping . . . THE LINKS!

  • The Blockbusters Fan Page -- featuring Bill Rafferty!
  • The Card Sharks Fan Page -- also featuring Bill Rafferty!
  • 'Net Meet the Roll -- NOW PLAYING!
  • 'Net Triple Play -- NOW TAKING CONTESTANTS!
  • My Sorely-Outdated Game Show Collection
  • This webpage will probably be updated on a weekly basis, which, thanks to the Procrast-O-Matic Time Distortion Utility, will probably mean that this text will change somewhere around January, 2002.

    If you have any suggestions on how I can update this site or my Ben Stein impression, e-mail me!

    Take me home, daddy!