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Arts & Literature

  • WebMuseum
    An ever-expanding virtual collection of the world's finest art by Nicholas Pioch. If your favorite artist or movement isn't represented, it most likely soon will be. Great realisation of the information and cultural exchange possibilities of the Web. Guaranteed to keep you from mowing the lawn all afternoon, and then some!.

  • Gutenberg E-Texts
    Pick up copies of classic literature from the Bible to Shakespeare and more. Feed your mind and starve your hard drive at the same time. :-)

  • Project Bartleby
    Dubbing itself the "public library of the Internet", Columbia University's Project Bartleby is similar in intent to Gutenberg E-texts. Growing list of works represented includes Bartlett's Familiar Quotations to the poems of Thomas Hardy to William Strunk's The Elements of Style.

  • The Collected Works of Shakespeare
    Wonderful site for the Bard's works, complete with search engine to help find the source of that pesky quote which has been clinking around your mind all these years; utilizes tables, plays are subdivided into individual scenes.

  • Shakespeare Oxford Society
    Home page of the folks who think that it wasn't the Swan of Avon who penned the plays and poems, but rather Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford. Uh-huh. Anyone contacted Oliver Stone yet?


    Classical Music

  • Alfred Brendel Discography
    Pages at the official Philips Music site listing many of Brendel's recordings available on the Philips label. Not yet complete, but they seem to update the list periodically.

  • Martha Argerich
    Comprehensive discography of Martha's many recordings, indexed by composer and piece.

  • Sviatoslav Richter
    Formidable accounting of Richter's even more formidable discography. As if Richter's repertoire weren't already dizzying enough, in most cases there are multiple versions to choose from. Call your bank manager.

  • Van Cliburn
    Cliburn's page in the official RCA/BMG site includes a substantial biography, besides the usual marketing ploys.

  • Evgeny Kissin
    The most promising Romantic pianist to appear in quite some time gets the adoring fan treatment. The official RCA/BMG site has a brief biography.

  • The Beethoven Symphonies on Record
    Deryk Barker's informative and substantial survey of recordings -- past and present -- of Beethoven symphonies (including the piano transcriptions made by Franz Liszt!). A must for admirers of Beethoven and classical music, besides being a great point of departure for new listeners who are having trouble narrowing the vast field of possibilities.

  • Classical Insites
    It's a sneaky little front for an online music store, but some of the material is definitely worth a look -- such as the Featured Artist of the Month profiles and the official Leonard Bernstein Studio; frames-capable browsers required.

  • OperaWeb
    Best general site devoted to all things opera. Also available in the original Italian.

  • Robert Finley's Classical MIDI Page
    Sequences of classical gems from Brahms to Tchaikovsky.

  • Stereo Equipment

  • GoodSound
    Informative pages with component recommendations geared toward audiophiles who don't have an unlimited budget to squander on a solid stereo setup (i.e., most of us!).

  • Popular Music

  • Official Lyle Lovett Site
    Fans of Lyle and Texas music, and the just plain curious, should mosey their browsers on down to these pages which include a virtual tour, audio samples, and (of course) merchandise (it is an official site, after all).

  • Amy Grant Home Page
    Excellent and comprehensive unofficial resource for those interested in Amy's career and (good) works.


    Personal Pages

  • Belles de Jour
    Michael St Aubyn's absolutely lovely site devoted to contemporary French actresses. His exemplary design and panache makes room for high-quality images, biographies, filmographies, interviews, links to other sites, and current news. If your favourite actress is represented in "Belles de Jour", chances are her page there is comprehensive; if she isn't there, perhaps you'll uncover a new favourite while browsing. Frequently updated; in English.

  • Juliette Binoche Site
    A very thorough site by Paulo Jan devoted to the star of The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Damage, Blue, and The English Patient.

  • Jeff's Audrey Hepburn Page
    Tribute to the late Ms Hepburn with a near-exhaustive list of links to other pages. Those interested purely in downloading pictures might try Palo's Audrey Page (Slow connections beware: Danger, Thumbnails Ahead!).

  • Tezozomoc Page - Ingrid Bergman
    Extensive image gallery for Ingrid; also biography and filmography. For those interested in a more substantive treatment, try "The Complete Ingrid Bergman Page" or the Official Ingrid Bergman Site.

  • Clint Eastwood: The WWW Page!
    I think my application essay on Clint and the supreme irony of The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly had everything to do with the abysmal failure of that particular college entrance hurdle, but what the heck: He's still The Man! With a filmography, video/audio clips, images, trivia, and -- yes -- even a Clint quiz, this site will provide more information than even the most die-hard Eastwood fan would (or should) ever admit to knowing about Rawhide Clinty.

  • Indices

  • The Network for Entertainment Fans
    Link resource for our favourite entertainment personalities.

  • Women Celebrities
    Link catalogue dedicated to the better half.

  • Film Sites

  • cine kieslowski
    Nice all-around fan site dedicated the films of Krzysztof Kieslowski, director of -- among others -- The Double Life of Veronique and the Three Colours Trilogy (Blue, White, and Red). Also browse another site's Three Colours Trilogy Photo Gallery.

  • Hamlet: The Movie
    Official site for Kenneth Branagh's ambitious and brilliant new film of Shakespeare's most compelling character.

  • The English Patient
    Official Miramax site of Anthony Minghella's screen adaptation of Michael Ondaatje's Booker Prize-winning novel, starring Ralph Fiennes, Kristin Scott Thomas, Juliette Binoche, and Willem Dafoe.

  • Movielink
    Look up theatre, showtime, and movie information online.

Income Vacuums

  • Rick's Movie Graphics
    Staggering catalogue of (mainly) US movie posters and graphics, including press kits, stand-ups, and celebrity photos. Efficient service and decent prices.

  • Esprit Music
    Immense inventory of hard-to-find and import vinyl, CDs, and merchandising items. Friendly and efficient service (based in the UK).

  • Classical Choice New/Used CDs
    Classical music enthusiasts should find plenty to drool over in the constantly-refreshed used-CD inventory of these friendly folks in Philadelphia. Excellent rates on trade-ins of your unwanted used CDs and competitively-priced new CDs. During football season they are even friendlier when the Eagles win (especially when they've just whipped your local team!). :-)

Internet Resources

  • Yahoo!
    Solid all-around guide to the WWW.

  • Infoseek
    Another useful general guide to the Web.

  • New Riders WWW Yellow Pages
    Web business directory published by Macmillan.

  • The WWW Acronym and Abbreviation Server
    Ever wonder what those cryptic signs and codes are in other people's e-mail and newsgroup postings? Well, wonder no more. Search either by the acronym itself or words used in such insider shorthand as BTW, IMHO, AFAIK, ROTFL, and my personal favourite (not found in the database, alas), WTFIT (What The Flip Is This)?!

  • Deja News
    Archive of newsgroup postings for those who missed out on the beginnings of threads and wonder how the present discussion mutated (or should that read devolved?) into the present invective; searchable by thread or author.

In the Beginning...

  • GeoCities
    Last but certainly not least, the Alpha and Omega of these webpages: GeoCities, who have been gracious enough to portion out free webspace to yours truly. Find out how to get your own free home page, too!

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