Amour et confu-


  The English Patient

  Microcosmos: Le
    peuple de l'herbe

  Mission: Impossi-

  The Pompatus of

  "Gulliver's Travels"


  Angels & Insects

  Le confessionnal
    (The Confessional)

  En mai, fais ce qu'il
    te plaît (Mayday)

  Les milles

  Richard III

  "La belle epoque"


  Un été inoubliable
    (An Unforgettable

  Four Weddings
    and a Funeral

  "Body and Soul"


  Somebody to Love


  Lunes de fiel (Bitter

  "Look at It This
    Way" [TV]

  "Weep No More,
    My Lady" [TV]


  Mio caro dottor
    Grässler (The Bach-

  "Titmuss Re-
    gained" [TV]


  Le bal du gouver-
    neur (The Gover-
    nor's Party)

  Aux yeux du
    monde (Autobus /
    In the Eyes of the

  "The Endless
    Game" [TV]

  "Framed" [TV]

  "The Secret Life of
    Ian Fleming" [TV]


  Bille en tete (Head-

  Force majeure (Un-
    controllable Cir-


  A Handful of Dust

  La méridienne
    (Lounge Chair)

  "The Tenth Man"


  Agent trouble

  Djamal et Juliette

  "Sentimental Jour-
    ney" [TV]


  Under the Cherry

  "La tricheuse"
    ("Chameleon") [TV]


  "Mistral's Daugh-
    ter" ("L'amour en
    heritage") [TV]

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  • The English Patient Documentary (February 1997)[New!]
    Audio snippets from a promotional film to accompany the release of The English Patient broadcast on BBC Channel 4. (Thanks to Michael St Aubyn for audio and video capture!)

  • US Magazine (January 1997)
    KST ruminates on the personal resonance of the opening scene in The English Patient and takes Chris Smith on errands in Manhattan.

  • US Premiere Magazine (December 1996)
    Josh Rottenberg discusses The English Patient and Hollywood-style fame with KST.

  • Harper's Bazaar Magazine (November 1996)
    Kristin muses with James Servin on battling for the part in The English Patient against Hollywood's Most Wanted; ironically, with the new film she may enter the list herself!.

  • Interview Magazine (November 1996)
    Kristin talks to Graham Fuller about growing up in rural England, the rocky road to acting, and her latest films including The English Patient.

  • The Late Show with David Letterman (November 1996)
    Kristin gets the usual Dave treatment while discussing The English Patient in this audio excerpt. (RealAudio format requires minimum 14.4 Kbps connection and RealAudio Player 2.0.)

  • New Yorker Magazine (14 October 1996)
    A brief notice in advance of the release of The English Patient which is more short notice than interview, but still of some interest.

  • UK Premiere Magazine (June 1996)
    Coinciding with the release of last summer's Mission: Impossible and The Confessional, this interview briefly covers The English Patient, filming Mission, and even Hugh Grant (contributed by Michael St Aubyn).

  • The Sunday Telegraph (April 1996)
    Amanda Mitchison takes a rather curiously equivocal and analytic approach to our favourtie subject, but KST's charm comes through nonetheless (contributed by Michael St Aubyn).

  • Empire Magazine (January 1996)
    Kristin discusses her thoughts on Angels & Insects and the incredible reserves of emotive projection and acting skill required of her by Brian De Palma in Mission: Impossible (contributed by Michael St Aubyn).

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