E aí, maluco?

Hello, I'm Löis Zimmermann Lancaster, from Rio de Janeiro. I'm a composer of almost strange songs, and also a electrik bassist, photographer, pseudo-poet and ad illustrator. Maybe you'd like to see a few of my works, like my Photo Gallery , Coisa em Cômoda , my first solo tape, or a brief release of one of the two bands I join: Elefants Terríveis and Zumbi do Mato.

This is a special offer to you, dear visitor...
two true type fonts created by me, now available
to download for FREE! Just click on the one you want. All I beg you is to tell
everyone that Löis Lancaster made it!

Click on the marble feature
to start to know
a gargantuan work
dedicated to the
of contemporary world.

Here are some hot links of my list: try'em on your spare hours...
Groups I love the most:
Yezda Urfa Mr.Bungle P.J.HarveyThe Cure • King Crimson • The Residents • Fred Frith
English - Japanese dictionary • Submit-It

This page is always under construktion
and you'll soon have more options. Thanx for coming!

For any opinions or suggestions,
or simply for a friendly dialog,
please contact me. Hey! I'm talking to you!

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since December, 26.

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