Our calendar of events start in September each year usually with a social evening.

We present four shows per year which, in general, follow this pattern: -

No auditions are normally required with the exception of principal parts.

- At the start of each production, rehearsals are held twice a week, building up to more as panic sets in nearer opening night. It is a good idea to take refreshment for the midway break as there may not always be any available at the rehearsal venue.

- The society obtains all necessary scores/music pieces but the cast is expected to purchase these at cost. At the end of each show, provided that scores are in reasonable condition, they can be 'sold back' to the society for a price determined at the start of each show. This is subject to committee approval each year. Black folders must be used for all concerts.

- There is a uniform dress code for performances: Black dinner jackets, bow-ties and cummerbunds for men and a prescribed white blouse and bow with straight A-Line black skirt in a matte material for the ladies. The bows and cummerbunds will be made available prior to the performance. Contact Maureen about the material to be used. Deepak’s in Satwa used to stock it. The Singers will pay for the material for the blouses. However, the tailoring charges for the blouse and the purchase of the skirt are the responsibility of the individual singers. The addresses of a couple of tailors who stitched blouses for the chorus last year are available from the committee on request, but you are not restricted to using them if you do not wish to.

- 4 passport size photographs and 4 copies of members’ passports are needed for the Municipality approvals. These copies should preferably be on a single sheet of paper, copied on both sides.

- The annual adult membership fee is Dhs. 50 and is due at the beginning of September each year. Students are required to pay only Dhs. 25. Members joining after 1st March will pay half the subscription rate.

- Members are not obliged to be in every show if they do not wish to be, nor do we expect a brilliant standard of work from everyone. This is after all a happy and easy going society dedicated to the general enjoyment of all concerned. However, it is only fair to other members that full commitment to rehearsals be made. Punctuality and regular attendance are a must. To appear on stage under rehearsed is an insult to the rest of the cast, producers, and, perhaps more importantly, the paying public.

- We have a full calendar of social events and regular newsletters are produced by our Chairman which will be made available at rehearsals, or via the postal system if not collected then.

- In addition to singers we are always on the lookout for members who are willing to assist in other areas, such as stage management, lighting, wardrobe, set decoration plus a multitude of other tasks essential to the smooth running of each production. There are enough tasks for everyone to participate.

- Members of the committee are always willing to listen to any suggestions and help in any way they can. This is your society and any input to improve it is very welcome.

- The names and telephone numbers of the 1997/1998 committee members are as follows:-


To: Dubai Singers
Membership Secretary


I wish to apply for membership of the Dubai Singers. I attach hereto the subscription fee - Dhs. 50

(Dhs. 25 for students).

I prefer to sing the following part:

I would also like to offer my assistance to help with:

o Directing (music/stage)

o Accompanying or playing in an orchestra

Instrument/s played: ______________________________

o Costumes (organisation and/or sewing)

o Ticket sales and/or front of house

o Organisation (approvals, rehearsal organisation)

o Scenery/Props (organising show scenery or props)

o Socials - Venue

o Socials - Food

o Other _______________________________________________________________ (please specify)

Name: Marital Status: o Married o Single

Address: ____________________________________________________

Telephone number : Office ____________________ Residence : ______________________

Fax No.: ___________________________________ Email address (if any)__________________

Working Hours if applicable for contact: _________________________________

Nationality: _________________________________ Date of Birth: _______________________

Passport Number: ____________________________ Passport Expiry: ___________________

UAE Visa Number: ___________________________ UAE Visa Expiry: ____________________

Spouse or Partner's Name (if you want it on the address list for other's reference):

Your signature below also indicates that you agree not to hold the Dubai Singer's Society responsible for any accident or injury that you may suffer while taking part in any Dubai Singer's Society function.

Signature_______________________________ Date 1