My favorite web Sites!

Chat Rooms and Free E-Mail

Firefly! The world's best community on the WWW!

This place is awesome! If you're looking for a great place to chat and a place to meet some great ppl, go here. My favorite room is 35Nup. Hope to see you there someday! BTW, it's definetly free. :)

The Chat House!

This place is awesome! Great for room surfing, with alot of places to go. It's also good because you have to be 18 or older to enter. Unless you go to the 2 floors just for free use (and these don't have age restrictions as far as I know.) Find a room just for you. Also, it has mail for you so that it won't get forwarded to your home, and you won't have to worry about other family members reading your mail. Pretty kewl stuff!

NetAddress! Free e-mail online

NetAddress is pretty kewl free online e-mail service, and it's easy to use. If you want to mail me there, I'm at!


This Place is really good. You can set up a new e-mail addy and have your new online friends send your mail there... My fav safety precedure. Anyways, this was the first free e-mail online that I had...!

Music Links

Sarah McLachlan's web site!

Sarah's site is awesome. You can listen so her tracks from many of her different albums, you can order Sarah stuff online, and just surf to see what she's about. As my fav ortist, this definetly is one of my all time fav sites!

Lilith fair's Tour Site!

This site was one of my favs this summer. I went to see Lilith on Friday, August 15, and it was well worth it. Not only that, but it has links and info on some of the main performers...

Much Music!

Much Music is Canada's Music Station. It has everything from e-mail requests, to contests, to links to your favorite bands who are on the Countdown List! Check it out if you are American, because what I've heard on the grape vine is that MM is liked better then MTV... BY AMERICANS!!!

The International Lyrics server!

This place is great if there's a song that you want to find the lyrics to cuz of that one little line that sounds funny every time you hear it! It's a fun place to hunt for those long lost tunes by whoever... :)

Stuff for Web Page Design


This place is great for graphics, buttons, Icons, letters, and just about anything else that you can think of!

Online Games

Jeopardy Online!

I have to thank Sony for this one. It's a great game in multiple choice and you can play as either a guest or as a member!

Wheel Of Fortune!

Just Awesome! Another great game from Sony studios brought to the Internet! Well, the membership and Guest part is the same, and so is the level of fun. Try it out if you haven't already, and see what I mean!!

A large arcade for kids... It's got anything from Popcorn Wars to tetris style games... and all of it is really easy to use!

Happy Puppy Games!

Not bad at all... Lot's of Idea's ong games for just about anyone to play...even merchandise and downloads!



Woof, Woof. This place is fantasic for students on the run. It is a search aid which searches all of the major engines simultaneously. It goes a long way for saving time. A benefit for anyone doing research.

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This page was last updated October 1, 1997.