All About Me!!!

Well, howdy all!!! You must be wondrin' about the creator of this gallery to come here, or you're just surfin'. So, in either case, I'll try to make this as interesting as humanly possible. Sound good??? I hope so. *grin*

OK. first off, my name is Kristen, and I am First Percussion (Drums and such) for the Eastview Secondary School Orchestra. I specialize in timpani and the xylophone, and I love doing things like moroccas, tambourines, and other such fun intruments in my section. I am helped by 2 guys who play snare, bass, crash symbols, the triangle and other things like that. They do the other major instuments when I do mine.

Now, What are my interests???? Well, I LOVE music, and am not only in the Orchestra but the Concert Choir too. I have alot of fun doing what I do. Anyways, I love travel, read, watch movies, surf the internet, chat online, learn, help students (I am a peer tutor), go to dances, listen to music of almost all kinds, go to the theatre, watch sports, baseball, baseball, baseball, nascar!!!

I have many online friends aswell as those at home, and I'd probably be in trouble if I didn't mention them. I'll start from the beginning... *L* This will get quite lengthy. Amy, my wonderful c-sister who I've known for over 2 years and am closer to than just about anyone else on this so-called planet (Girl, you know I love you!)and then a host of Aunts and uncles... charlie, -Gambit-, FOAMFOLLOWER, Gunny, frost*bite, Cierra, and many more! And of course, I'd be remiss if I forgot my Oma and Opa, Lady Wizard, and Sir Dragon! *hugz* you all and you all know who you are!

My Gawd! It's been ages since I rewrote this. Anyways, Summer of '98 was spent at Bolton Camp, and I'd like to say "hi" to everyone! (Here we go!) Such as... (Sumacs) Mud, Texas, Xena, Poet, Ginga, Fred, Tre, (Able) Ironwood, Styxx, Cosmic, Solaris, (Environment) Yellow, A.J., (Arts & Crafts) Dimples, Kydd, (Aquatics) Chewy, Wave, Frogger, Splash, Dude, Jono, Faith, (Archery) Goliath, Phoenix, (Outtrips) Mouse, Bravo, Spike, Stretch Jr. (Thunder) Taz, Ozzy, Skotch, L.B, Kermit, Shades, Mase, (Lightning) Rabbit, Jehu, Domino, Ghetto Superstar, Archie, (Sequoia) Midnight, Brook, Sunshine, Kurley, Smiles, Dizzy, Specs, Jade, (Supervisors & Admin., Ect.) Teddy, Jazz, Marbles, Kool-aid, Fred, Grumpy, Elmo, Rupunzel, Beanie, Patch, Wick, (Volunteers) Silver, Scrunchie, Sweetnis, Lexus, Slingshot, Raquet, (Kitchen staff) Cookie, Pudding, Mosquito, Bonk, Blue, and Dennis. If I forgot anyone, I am terribly sorry, but my brain can only remember so much on short notice.

YIKES!!! Wow. Lots. OK. Well, I have a dog named Wrinkles, and a 25 yr old brother named Neil who's almost as smart as the dog. They both like to prance around with tennis balls in thier mouths, and they eat dog bones for treats. They both like sports. Wrinkles favorite is tennis and Neil's are Baseball and nascar. Funny how both like games where there are small ball needing to be retrieved, and then the racing and chasing and drafting in nascar is self explanitory!!!!! *ROTFLMAO* Now, about me... I have neglected to tell you about me. I am 5'1, have blue eyes, and shoulder length brown hair. I have been keeping busy, but there is only so much one can do before burnout. I'm resting now.

If you have any questions regarding me or my page, please E-mail ME!!!!!!