Maria IvogŁn

Although Maria IvogŁn is not well known to current opera lovers (in the US) she continues to be highly esteemed by critics and professionals. During her singing career, Richard Strauss and Bruno Walter held her in high regard. In his recently published book, Singers of the Century , J. B. Steane devotes an entire chapter to her. The recording companies, Nimbus and Preiser both have CDs solely devoted to her . She is also included on several of the compiled historical vocal recordings by Nimbus. However it was on Kolodan's old LP A Critic's Choice that I heard her for the first time as a teenager. I was immediately captivated by her voice.

When asked recently about who possessed "the most beautiful voice," I remembered IvogŁn's voice even though I hadn't listened to a recording done by her in over twenty years.

To find out more about her life see Ivogun's biography

If she's so good, why isn't she better known?

She sang almost exclusively in Viena and Berlin, and only had limited engagements in the U.S. She never sang at the Met (perhaps because of Calli-Curci's presence) and only briefly for the Chicago Opera Company (due to Mary Garden's mismanagement.) She retired from the stage when she was only 43 years old, but went on to have a very sucessful teaching career.


She debuted as Mimi, but her most famous roles included Zerbinetta, Gilda and several, Mozart heoines. See the following link for more details: IvogŁn's roles


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