The time in Germany is


Germany is a great place. It's climate has a fresh coolness to it that you just want to live there forever. It's a land flowing with beer and saurkraut accented with hot chicks here and there to please the eye. German is spoken everywhere, the birds sing in German, the cars honk in German, and even the ducks quack in German.

Welcome! To my humble homepage.
This is me standing in a cool refreshing fountain in the side of a street somewhere in Heidelberg...I think...

Cool Angle
This is a church Somewhere in Germany (either Heidelberg or Munich). I was trying to get a cool angle of the church and Mike stepped in. It looked kinda cool with him in there as a contrast to the main structure so I pressed the trigger immediately (thanks Mike).

I'm definately sure that this is Heidelberg.
This is a picture of a street in Heidelberg. It is the view I had when I was eating my lunch.

What a view...reminds me a little of Old San Juan.
This is a view from the room I was staying in at Heidelberg. I had really nice accomodations considering I was on a package tour.

The other side of Germany