Thank you for taking a look at my web page. Peruse the list of unpublished compositions below, and if you find any of interest to you, please write me an e-mail message- I will be happy to snail mail a complimentary copy of the piece (or pieces) to you, and in addition I will send along a perusal tape of the music. Some of the tapes are of live performances of my works, and others are made on my synthesizer. Even the synthesizer tapes should give you a general idea of the potential of the piece.  

If you should decide to perform any of these works, please notify me by e-mail and I will send you a simple agreement form that will allow you to make the number of copies that you need. Then you snail mail me the signed form, and that's it.  In return, I would be very grateful if you would send me a tape of your completed performance.  It doesn't matter if you feel it is a good performance or not.  Just send me the tape and I will be very grateful.  My snail mail address will be on the complimentary music and tape that I send to you.

One of many Delta College Handbell Choirs,

taken on campus near the music buildings

Check these pieces out!

EXSULTATE, JUSTI (for two choirs SATB a cappella)  The text is from Psalms 33:1-3. The Joy and forcefulness of Choir I is contrasted with the quiet meditative response (or burden) of Choir II "Glory to you, Lord."  Copyright 1995 by Ralph R. Prime

FEED MY SHEEP (for SATB choir and soloist)  The words are paraphrased from John 21 and Matthew 16 by the composer. A spiritual-like piece that builds from a quiet beginning to a very forceful climax. Copyright 1995 by Ralph R. Prime.

GUIDE ME, O THOU GREAT JEHOVAH (for SATB choir and organ)  The text is by William Williams.(1717-1791)  The piece is really a hymn-concertato in form, using the choir and organ to illustrate and fortify the very powerful text, a text that still has great meaning for us today.  Copyright 1996 by Ralph R. Prime.

HUSH, MY DEAR (for SATB choir and organ or handbells) This lullaby is set to the lovely words of Isaac Watts (1674-1748) The poem begins "Hush, my dear, lie still in slumber, holy angels guard thy bed, Heavenly blessings without number gently falling on thy head."  Copyright 1994 by Ralph R. Prime.

KING OF GLORY, KING OF PEACE (for SATB choir and organ) A setting of the wonderful George Herbert poem.  Mostly octave singing. some two-part canon.  A forthright, vigorous setting. Copyright 1993 by Ralph R. Prime

PEACE THIS CHRISTMASTIDE (for SATB chorus and handbells) Both words and music by the composer. A reflective piece that speaks of God as a continuing presence of peace in the midst of today's pain and trouble.  A repetitive melodic handbell figure sustains the four-part choral music.  Copyright 1995 by Ralph R. Prime

 A SPOTLESS ROSE (SATB chorus a cappella and tenor or soprano solo) The text is from an anonymous 14th century ms. A semi-dissonant choral section reflects the mood of "A spotless rose is blowing, sprung from a tender root" and a traditional homophonic hymn-like middle section reflects the beauty of the words "its fairest bud unfolds to light amid the cold, cold winter."  Copyright 1995 by Ralph R. Prime.

TO THE MANGER (THE KINGS) (for SATB choir and organ) Words and music by the composer."Marching along the road from far, so came the kings led by the Star, to the Christ-child in manger rude and bare, they brought their gifts so rich and rare. Therefore let us praise God and sing our joyful thanksgiving."  Copyright 1994 by Ralph R. Prime.

TUA JESU DILECTIO (for SATB a cappella choir) A modern Latin Motet with a more traditional harmonic setting. "Tua Jesu dilectio, grata mentis refectio" (The love of Jesus is a gracious refreshment of the soul.) Copyright 1996 by Ralph R. Prime

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