The voices in my head...

Rebecca Harris - 11/12/00 08:58:56
Where you're from: Turner Oregon!!!!
How you found this page: link at

Ilana, I just linked to this page after finding you at classmates. Seems like you've changed as much as I have since the days of having our heads beat with bibles at Christian Center. It was funny, I was thinking about those afternoons after school back in 1991, how we used to go buy candy at the Turner Market and sit out on the lawn and eat it. I'm glad that you put your intelligence and creativity into doing someting empowering instead of sitting around as a pentacostyl wife and stuff like that. Rebecca

Yew - 05/04/00 18:16:56
Where you're from: My Own Subjective World
How you found this page: I'm Smart Like That

Hi Dearie! Just saying hey and great page! Whee!

me again - 11/08/99 18:05:26
My Email:haha
Where you're from: here
How you found this page: mine

testing again... does it really work?

Loni - 11/01/99 19:12:41
Where you're from: Here
How you found this page: Me

Testing... guestbook hates me...

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