This is my page for my Vampire game. I've said this before, but if you weren't paying attention I'll say it again now: I do not believe that I am a vampire, and neither does anyone else that I know of. Personally, I have no desire to actually become one. THIS IS JUST A GAME.

Here's where you'll find information on all the Clans. This won't be a rehashing of the Clanbooks. Since this is my page, it will be what I know about them and what I think of them. If I happen to have a character for that clan, then that page will be more extensive than if I didn't. Currently I have a Toreador, a Tremere, and a Gangrel. Up until recently I had two Tremere, but the first one was really hard to play so I had to retire her and make my Toreador.

I'll also have information on my characters here. If you are visiting this page and are in the Crucible or Orion chronicles (you know who you are!), then PLEASE consider any character information on this page to be out-of-character. I'm not going to be posting anything like my character sheets on this page for just that reason, since I do know how hard it can be to separate in- and out-of-character information. What I'll have here for my characters is going to be more along the lines of histories and things like that. Maybe a picture if I get one.
Vampire: the Masquerade and all related terms are the copyright of White Wolf. Please don't sue me.
And the clan pages I have. On these pages I also have some character templates I came up with. These aren't the same ones that are in the Clanbooks, I just like coming up with characters and I wanted to do something with them since I am already playing too many characters already. So if you want to use any of these in your games, go for it. I have sample character sheets worked up for them too, but they're for live action and can probably be easily converted to tabletop if necessary. Of course, they're just templates, so if you want to change anything I don't care.







My Characters....