I am an X-Phile. This is about the only show that I regularly watch. No... religiously. I watch it in the reruns on FX and on Sunday early evenings on Fox, and of course the new episodes. I've only been watching it for about six months now, but I have seen almost all the episodes thanks to the FX reruns. Here pretty soon FX will start running all the episodes in order, so I'll be taping them too.

My favourite episode so far is Memento Mori. I also like the Gethsemane-Redux-Redux II trilogy. Favourite character would have to be the Cigarette Smoking Man. He's so evil he's good. He is so Tremere... if you know the Vampires game you know what I'm talking about. And I am a Scullyist Fencesitter. I think that there is pretty self-explanatory.

So here I will have synopses of all the episodes, and my reviews of them. As soon as I learn how to make screen captures and all that sort of fun thing I will get pictures up here, and maybe even sound files. Who knows. But for now it's just the synopses and reviews.