My own modules:

Soundtrack of Forrest Gump (zipped s3m, 126k) - piano melody tune with drums from the film

Bas(s)ic (zipped s3m, 47k) - jazzy rock tune with lots of slapbass

Emerald (zipped s3m, 95k) - the last - and for me the best - tune: piano melody with hard drum & slapbass

Eternal-remix (zipped s3m, 66k) - Paradise Lost`s Eternal remixed by me

Deus Misereatur (zipped s3m, 127k) - a good remix of it from the Paradise Lost album called Icon

Splendid (zipped s3m, 90k) - good melody rock tune, another favourite of mine

Surface (zipped s3m, 30k) - a melody techno in trance/Robert Miles style

Other modules:

Skaven`s "Catch the Goblin" (zipped s3m, 359.9k)

Skaven`s "Symphony" (zipped s3m, 121k)

Skaven`s "Not for kids" (zipped s3m, 127k)

Theme from X-files (zipped mod, 80k)

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