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fae - 08/23/00 02:22:53
My URL:http://oocities.com/faeiness
My Email:faeiness@yahoo.com
Your favourite instrument: cello


Robert D. Schramm - 11/12/99 22:37:45
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/Vienna/Choir/9571
My Email:rschramm@ccconline.net
Your favourite instrument: Euphonium
Your favourite conductor: Lars-Otto Ljungholm
Your favourite composer: Eric Ball

Passed through on my way around the web ring . . .

Zheng Ting - 07/21/99 06:33:23
My Email:xiaoting@wildmail.com
Your favourite instrument: percussion
Your favourite orchestra: Many others
Your favourite conductor: Many others
Your favourite composer: Chen Da Wei

Hello Web Master, I like your introductions on the instruments .

Zheng Ting - 07/21/99 06:30:57
My Email:xiaoting@wildmail.com
Your favourite instrument: percussion
Your favourite composer: Chen Da Wei


Becky Crosby - 07/12/99 04:41:40
My Email:crosby@postnet.com
Your favourite instrument: piano or organ
Your favourite orchestra: St. Louis Symphony
Your favourite conductor: Hans Vonk or Leonard Slatkin
Your favourite composer: Schumann

Thank you for the many wonderful teaching tools.

- 07/12/99 04:39:36


Fryderyk Frontier - 03/23/99 23:24:43
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/athens/thebes/9940
My Email:fred-frontier@usa.net
Your favourite instrument: ethnic drums
Your favourite composer: Fryderyk Chopin

Cszesc, Czy jestes Polakiem? I noticed You have my name

Alan Cohen - 03/06/99 19:48:12
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/SoHo/Coffeehouse/8826
My Email:Alan_R_Cohen@msn.com
Your favourite instrument: classical guitar
Your favourite orchestra: Boston Symphony
Your favourite conductor: Sejii Ozawa
Your favourite composer: Charles Ives

Hi, I just wanted to let you know I've linked to your site from my site WordBanjo (www.oocities.com/SoHo/Coffeehouse/8826. WordBanjo is a new e-zine about World Music and Language. Sincerely, Alan

Bennett - 01/23/99 23:00:30
My URL:http://bennett.cjb.net
My Email:bennettkuan@yahoo.com
Your favourite instrument: violin, piano.......
Your favourite orchestra: APO
Your favourite composer: Dvorak, Rach, Mendel...

Nice page, lots of information on instruments. Keep up the good works.

Narohs] - 12/16/98 13:53:28


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