Performance at Borders

A few members of X.MosYo gave a 45  minutes  of performance on 14 May 99 at the Music Atrium at Borders.   The  contact with Borders was made by Una Lauw, who together with Miss Goh, Lim Wee Beng, Shermaine Wong,  Wong Yih Chyn,  Rosalind Tan,  Juana Saifful, Quek Kar Ling and  Fong Chong Suan performed  to a small but appreciative audience.

Miss Goh tied the items together  by giving short introductions to the pieces.  The performance began with Telemannˇ¦s Concerto for 4 violins.  ˇ§Ariosoˇ¨ by Focco was played by Miss Goh and Una.  This was followed by the famous Canon by Pachelbel.  The string section  of the  programme was rounded  off by ˇ§Por Una Carbezaˇ¨ from the movie  ˇ§Scent of a  Womanˇ¨.

The wind players took the stage with Danziˇ¦s concerto  for Flute and  Clarinet.

Performers were given Borders book vouches for their efforts.

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