Higher Self Connection

The Higher Self Connection Technique

This has been so incredibly useful to me that it is now the foundation spiritual practice I recommend to people.

The best thing about it is that it is unbelievably simple and can be done pretty much anywhere.

Effects of Higher Self Connection

Once you have got the hang of it - which might only take several two-minute sessions - this practice starts works almost immediately whenever you feel "disconnected" and the effects seem to last quite a while. Remember - what you are trying to do is keep the connection permanently open.

To me this practice has the following effects. (Note that the extent of the effect will be relative to the strength of the connection which you have established.)

  • Quickly dissolves negative emotions, e.g. worry, neediness, self-pity, nervousness, depression, grief, etc. While these are all perfectly natural, a truly evolved person is free from all of them.
  • You will find your self becoming more mature, relaxed and philosophical in ways which might surprise you.
  • You will also find that your mouth is far less likely to run away from you and so you won't say as many things that you regret later. (Does require a certain vigilance of course.)
  • Aligns you more closely with the universe, helping to make things happen for you (and not just to you).
  • I have been noticed that it significantly helps with intuition, hence with practice you just start to know what feels right for you and what feels wrong - without having to worry and agonise over things.
  • It changes what you want in life, and seems to change your outlook on life too.
Note that if you are anything like me, you may worry that you feel too aloof when you are serene at funerals and aren't in emotional turmoil like other people. Just realise that you are making a significant step towards enlightenment by keeping yourself connected, and your Higher Self reacts to things so differently from your disconnected lower self.

If you compare your new feelings with great spiritual people, you will find you are definitely moving in the right direction.


What I do is very simple and is usually something along these lines:

  • Imagine an opening feeling at the top of your skull. You can even imagine your skull breaking open at the top. There's a bit of a knack to it (like wiggling your ears). With patience, you will get it though it can feel a little weird.
  • Imagine a bright beam of heavenly energy coming down and bathing the top of your head. You don't need to see it, just feel it. (You can try to see it though if you want.)
  • You can imagine either your crown chakra opening up big on top of your head - or you can imagine a big glowing ball of energy sitting on top of your head. Both will work.
  • Now imagine that the column of energy connecting you with the divine is bathing your body in the energy too. (If you find yourself having an involuntary sigh at this point, that's a good sign.)
It's best to find some quiet time to spend some time just bathing in this state to get the full effects, i.e. meditating. But you can also get good effects by just being in this state while standing in a queue, or sitting in a meeting waiting for people to arrive, etc. Any time spent like this is good.

What it is doing is creating a better connection to your higher source of inspiration, so it's not strictly speaking meditation unless you choose to do it while meditating - though this is highly recommended if you have time. Optional parts:

  • Imagine opening all your other chakras (opening root chakra downwards and the rest opening front and back)
  • You can also imagine that the soles of your feet are now extending deep into the earth and you are now connected to energy from earth below and to heaven above. Allow the energy free access to go whichever way it wishes. You may feel some energy sensations on the soles of your feet at this point.
  • Imagine yourself now encased in quite a large elliptical aura of dense bright energy. It might go a few feet out from your body.
Make sure you are as relaxed as possible and there is no tension in your head - no frowning etc. Just keep this connection going and know that each time you do it, you are reinforcing it. Having this open does not open you up to psychic attack either as some misinformed people might tell you. Your best approach to psychic attack is to have a strong etheric field, which is quite different from your astral chakras. (Good nutrition, adequate sleep all help your vital etheric field - also Chi Gong and Tai Chi are excellent and specifically designed for strengthening it further and removing illness from the body.)

You don't need to ever shut it down your Higher Self connection - the idea is to have it stay open all the time, so you always are aligned with your divine self.

Note that some particular pieces of uplifting music might make the energy sensations a lot stronger and make you feel like you have static electricity all through your hair. This is always a good thing!

You can practice this sitting at your desk, in a meeting, on the bus, wherever in fact - and nobody needs to know what you are doing.

Simply keeping a small amount of focus on the crown area now and then during the day keeps it going. Then you can slowly tune into the feeling that it gives you. You may feel the desire to keep your back straighter and you will often find yourself sighing a little whenever you boost the feeling.

However the connection can be dropped immediately at any time when you choose to - like when you forget yourself and get angry, etc. So it requires discipline as all things do. You do need to work at it, but I feel that the wonderful effects are infinitely more than what you put into it - and is one of the simplest spiritual practices to try.

My experiences with it

I have to admit that after first hearing about it, it took me years before I finally started doing it! That's fine though - the main thing was to start sometime and keep going.

I found that using the connection I was able to glide through a relationship breakup that would have otherwise torn me apart emotionally. Whenever I felt a wave of sadness hitting me, I simply strengthened the connection and I was suddenly fine again. This to me was truly miraculous. And during the breakup, I kept the connection strong during all the discussions I was having with my girlfriend and somehow the right words kept coming - almost effortlessly in retrospect. In the past I would have always said that wrong thing sooner or later.

It really helped at a close friend's funeral. He'd had such a difficult life and things had steadily gone downhill until he died. I knew deep down that this was a blessing and he'd been released from his problems, but it was still sad to think about. So at the funeral, I kept the connection strong and just glided through it, praying that he would get the help he needed. Later on I wondered if I was becoming too aloof and I actually stopped the connection for this reason. Then I was plunged into a day or two of real grief until I realised that this was just not useful for him or for me. A good lesson though.

And in general, I just notice myself being a bit wiser than before and that I'm not saying the silly things so much that I used to be famous for. I even for the first time ever decided to take a break from work to do my own thing for a while - something I would have always been too nervous to do in the past. And so many, many wonderful things have happened since then.

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