Contacting me

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Aachen 5 Millionen Mark

Asking if I can help with valuing your Notgeld

First up, there's not much point in asking me how much a note is worth because the few catalogues I do have are all way out of date. Your best bet is to go through my valuing your notgeld page and checked my links there - that's what it is for! If you find any better valuation pages though - do let me know.

My Notgeld situation

I haven't been collecting notgeld since late 1997. I still have a collection and I'm not planning on selling it, but I'm focusing my time on other things from now on. The main thing is that I have a nice web page which is a good resource for people who are interested in the topic.

However! If you do have a note which is really good and is not a boring old Reichsbanknote but a nice regional note, then if you can send me a quality scan of it, I will add the note to the list of images.

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