Welcome to my music!

Welcome to my music!


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    I grew up in a house with a piano and started picking out tunes at the age of 3. My grandfather loved music, although he couldn't play, and had a fine collection of grammophone records. He also had his 5 children taught instruments, 4 of them become professional musicians: one conductor two violinists, and a pianist.

    I started piano lessons at 8 and my parents were told I had talent, and I certainly loved to play, but decided that the 5 hours of practise a day it takes to become a concert pianist were not for me. So I remained and am to this day an amateur. I play for the love of it but not for a living. However, I cannot play as well as I would like to and the invention of the computer has given me a new lease of life. I can now take a piece of music by one of my favourite composers, and with the aid of my computer, transcribe it into a .NWC format that can be heard and enjoyed by anyone with a computer, a sound card, and a Noteworthy program.

    I use a shareware programme (I registered!) called Noteworthy and it has some limitations but it's very good for the money. $39.95.

    Please note - I had many .MID files on this page, but I have now found a new home at http://malcoldale.com where you will find all my music files, including ALL Mozart's Piano Sonatas, all Beethoven's Piano Sonatas, all Chopin's Etudes and much, much more.

    Below you will see a search engine for all kinds of music resources. Check it out!

    Send email to malcolm@btl.net if you like.

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