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The most wasted of all days is one without laughter ---E. E. cummings - "Until you know that life is interesting--and find it so--you haven't found your soul"-- Fisher, Geoffrey - It's great being young and insane!!! - If we couldn't laugh we'd all go insane - Jimmy Buffet

BEWARE. This experience is going to be fun, strange, and maybe even entertaining. Uhoh. Can you take it? Can you dig it? Can you? I love the net, and below are a few reasons why. I have so much fun lurking around in the sites below and simliar sites... oooh it's great. I mean, write some magnetic poetry, read poetry for little kids, goof off at the slot machines, have some fortune cookies and virtual soda, visit Mr. Rogers' Neigborhood, say hi to Dr. Seuss and Sam I am, laugh at people who want to make you smile, and listen to some Philip Glass... my my I think you're going to have a fun day!!!

Pointless box game

Connect 4


Old Guestbooks

The Spastic Page

Poetry FOR KIDS! (I am a kid, anyone can be a kid, right? Kid stuff is the greatest! ME GUSTA!)

A redneck Christmas...

PHILIP GLASS SOUND FILES!!!! YAHEEE!!! Check out Knee Plays. They're the greatest. You'll come back a different person - for all these are the days my friends, and these are the days my friends... it could be very fresh and clean... ooh I love it!!!

Fortune COOKIES! Taste good too. Some of these fortunes are hilarious, others need to be ignored... but it's all fun anyway!

This is my attitude on computers crashing... almost...

Slot Machine!

A great way to waste time - virtual snack machines and such....


Really spiffy graphics - I got many of mine here. Very fun site.

This is a site that wants to make you smile. It'll either do that or make you so annoyed you'll growl. shrug. It's fun anyway.

You GOTTA love Mr. Rogers!!!!

Magnetic poetry. FUN FUN FUN!!! YES!

Test your typing speed here.


Okay, these are funny anyway. Random generators of strange messages, called pagetoys. Whatever.

Aww, a rhyming dictionary. This one cracks me up. I mean look up bat and go under three syllable words, then four is even better - but five and six, you'll be rolling on the floor. It's funny! Or maybe it's just me.... GASP!

12 Days of Christmas... sort of...

The Monkees - Lyrics!!

Type something. Anything.

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