Some poems... mostly by me...

What's Within

This poem is about how I feel all too often, my opinions on how differently someone would see the world and everyone in it if they'd wait to see who someone really was before they judged them. To me, what is within your soul is more important than what you look like.


In this poem, I personified music... this was very fun to write!!!!

The Stranger

Just random thoughts on lonleyness... for what it's worth I wrote it when I was alone in my old house in the country of VA, and I was looking out the window at my yard and a humongous tree whose branches seemed to be cradling everything in sight. Everything was so quiet, especially when compared to living in the city.... I felt like I was separated from the rest of the world, and I was the only person around...

Red, Pink, and Plaid

This about an observation I made: Most of us are so carefree and they aren't afraid to be different as children, but then when we grow up we become obsessed with someone's idea of normal, or cool, and sadly, everything changes. Few of us keep our free childhood soul.


You write poems when inspiration to strikes you. Well... I recently took driver's ed. There was a "gang" of rising freshmen guys there who thought they were just the coolest people on earth. Actually, they were only about the dumbest guys I've ever met. There was about ten of them, and they never went anywhere alone, they walked everywhere in a huge line. They all dressed alike and talked alike and were totally concerned with what everyone thought of them. Their hobby? Making fun of everyone else. They absolutely could not stand anyone who was an individual... and it bugged me. So, being the nice person that I am, I wrote them their own poem!!! *g*

Poems by my friend Lori. Lori is one of my friends from my old high school that is now a college oboe major at NCSA. We help each other survive ear training :)

The Lonesome Shoe

This is a silly poem I wrote for English. The only requirement was that it rhymed.... so I decided I would have some fun with it and write about a shoe.

The Tree

This is bascially the first poem I wrote, way back in 3rd grade. It's kinda silly, but I was only 8...

The Baseball Pitcher

I wrote this in seventh grade. It is published in a book of children's poetry...

The Child

I wrote this is seventh grade too. It is published in another book.


Another seventh grade poem.

Home sweet home 1