Jess and I currently share our home with five chinchillas.

Baby and Hunter are the proud parents of twin girls (not yet named.)

One of Hunter and Baby's young
The other of Hunter and Baby's young

Nevill is a sweetheart, but has yet to find his significant other.

pic of Nevill (he didn't show up as well on the carpet, so I blacked out behind him)





Although Jess isnít wild about them, I run two fish tanks as well.

My main tank is a 55 gal freshwater tank with two Emperor 400s, all real plants, of course.

In there Iíve got 4 Discus: one Pigeon Blood, one Marlboro Red, one Snakeskin, and one that Iím not sure ofÖsort of a mix between a Pigeon blood and a snow white.

Here's my Marlboro Red

Iíve also got a school of Celebes Rainbows, one clown loach, two Borneo (butterfly) Plecostomus, and six Otocinclus Catfish. And occasionally, you will see a bumblebee catfish.




In the other (a twenty long), there is a school of Black Neon Tetras, two Silvertip Tetras, one Opaline Gourami, and one Striped Raphael Catfish