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Latest!!!!!!!!! a complete table ( or is it complete? ) of the orchestral pieces i've played GB code only.....and ..the table loads slowly.....please be patient.thanks...some people told me that it does not work for IE. who cares? I am pro Netscape...down with IE!!!its a pity I have forgotten to include the "green ribbon" in my homepage.Maybe for thge next version of my homepage, coming ....dunno when.Anyway, visit the page that lists the pieces I've played before first:
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I am a 18 year old who is born in a family of music lovers and Chinese orchestra players. When I was in primary school (red swastika school) , the school got us an instructor for guzheng and I was sent to learn the instrument. That was when I was in primary 1 (7 yrs old).I played guzheng in primary school for 6 years, before going to Dunman High School for secondary education

Life in Dunman High School

Dunman High School is a famous school in Singapore and has one of the best Chinese orchestra in Singapore, although it is only a school orchestra. When I was in Secondary 1 we had a choice to what instrument we want to play. I chose guzheng , but since it was a very popular instrument and probably due to some sexual discrimination ( there were only female players ), I was not posted to guzheng but to percussion. At that time there was a shortage of bass players in the orchestra, so I later decided to play the double bass in the Chinese orchestra.This is a link to the unofficial homepage of the here

Playing the DOUBLE BASS

I learnt double bass under the bass instructor, Mr Lee Tsu Hock , who is a bass player in SSO. I began to like that instrument and after two years of playing, I can only say that I am " deeply in love " with the instrument. I looked up for solo bass pieces to play and as I love Chinese music and I am in a Chinese orchestra , I started looking for pieces of works for the bass.....for a Chinese orchestra .

Western Stringed Instruments That Were made to speak Chinese

The double bass is used in the Chinese orchestra as there was no bass stringed instrument in the Chinese orchestra , until about 50 years ago, when research for a bass stringed Chinese instrument began. Some instruments were made , but the results was just OK . People began using the double bass and cello in modern Chinese orchestras . In the 1930s, the violin was popularly liked by some people of china and some violin players like the late Mr. Ma Si Cong wrote some pieces for violin, which were actually Chinese music . but the first major Chinese-violin work came in 1958: The butterfly lovers violin concerto. other works for Chinese-cello also appeared. there was a concert by the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Chinese Orchestrain April 1996 that featured a cellist who specializes in playing Chinese-cello: Mr. Dong Jin Chi.


so much for the history of Chinese-string-western back to myself..... 
After taking the O levels examination, I went to Temasek junior college to do my A levels. I continued to join the Chinese Orchestra , but sad to say, I am the only Bass player. It is kind of lonely, but I have my friends who are also from Dunman High and are cello players , so during orchestra practice, it is not that bad.

A brief note about TJCCO

Temasek Junior College Chinese Orchestra was established in 1977, when the school was just founded.It began with a strength of around 30 pupils who were very keen in chinese music. The teacher-in-charge , Mr Wu Zhong Bo, now the principal of Xingming Secondary School, was the suona player.The first conductor was Mr Ou Yang Liang Rong, a well known SIngapore Guzheng player. Later, Mr Zhou Jin Hao took over, and together with Dunman High School Chinese Orchestra, staged a successful performance in 1982. Mr Li Ke Hua took over as conductor in the 1990s. 2 Years ago, Mr Ng Kim Poo became the conductor, a post which he held for a year before the conductor of Dunman High School Chinese Orchestra and Nanyang Academic Of Fine Arts City Chinese Orchestra, Mr Tay Teow Kiat took over. In Singapore Youth Festival Chinese Orchestra competition 1997, TJCCO got a distinction award, and is one of the two junior colleges selected for the finals - a six school competition held on 23/7/97. well...the competition is over now... my present school could only manage a consolation. former school got 1st .. so congrats to them.... as for TJCCO, we did our best.....afterall, it is unfair for J.C. co to compete with secondary school co.. as we are much smaller in size..... for TJCCO I think we did well... considering the manpower and financial input.... The orchestra is not big , with only about 50 members... which cannot be compared with DHSCO which has a membership of around 250...

I'm looking forward to hear from you how you think of my homepage....and anything for me to add... please email me at



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