Interview from The Folk Harp Journal, 1991. Loreena talks about much of the creative processes behind her songwriting, and also a few interesting moments in her career as a harpist.

Article from the magazine, February, 1994. An indepth and highly personal interview with Loreena and her mother, Irene McKennitt, exploring Loreena's childhood, upbringing and earlier years in the music business up to her more recent international success with The Visit album.
Interview with Loreena on tour! From Seattle radio station KMTT. December 1994 - whilst on her . Loreena talks about touring, home and future plans...
Interview from US radio at time, 1994. Loreena talks about what Christmas and Winter mean to her...and also performs some nice Seasonal songs.
Article from , March 1995. Explores Loreena's background and new found celebrity status with focus on her involvement and strategies in the music industry.
Interview from US radio, late 1995. An excellent, relaxed interview discussing Loreena's background, and also the background of some of her songs and the sources from where she draws inspiration for them.
Interview from BBC Radio, September 1996. Appearing on the prestigious show, Loreena talks about "musical chemistry" and the different sounds in her music.
Another interview from BBC radio, December 1996 - this time on the arts show. Loreena talks about how how the recording of her sixth album is progressing.
Article from Tower Pulse magazine, November, 1997 - A nice article focusing on Loreena's recording of and where she is going to from there.

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