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Due to a systems crash on my CGI server, some data was lost from the "Satanism Discussion Board" and "Add Your Own Damn Link" Sections.  All sections to this site should work, and if you find anything that doesn't, please use the messaging functions of this page (feedback, or my icq pager below) to let me know.

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Oh - and there are some new miscellaneous files in the
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Hell Flower and Hell Fire would like to announce
their Engagement!


In Memory of  Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey

As you may or may not know, Anton Szandor LaVey, our High Priest has died. His death occurred on the night of October 29, 1997 - apparently heart problems have taken their toll. He was cremated.

As our leader and mentor, he will be sorely missed, but he will always live on in spirit, so long as there are Satanists to remember him fondly, and don't forget - the new Satanic age shall come full swing in 2002, only five years away...

An interesting thought has come to my mind: why the coincidences, Halloween, natural causes, cremated before it was public, and to top it all off, Karla LaVey (the new High Priestess, and his daughter) didn't quite look distraught.. you don't suppose he's just finding that privacy he's so long wished to endure.. well, wherever you are Dr. LaVey, we wish you the best - rest in peace.

Rege Dr. LaVey! Rege Satanas!

---> Here are his Obituaries <---


Anton LaVey: Our Father, blessed be thy name...


May he rest in peace:

1930 - 1997 Halloween



We are proud Members of the Order of the White Wolf





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