Photos of Dörrenbach, Germany

Photo Album 1

This photo of the village of Dörrenbach was taken by Norbert Speyrer in 1989. The inter-denominational (Lutheran and Catholic) Church can be clearly seen on the right side of the photograph.

This photo of the village of Dörrenbach dates from before World War II.

Another photo of the Rathaus (administrative building) also dates from before the war. Most of the village was severely damaged by artillery fire from the U. S. Army.

Still another photo of the Rathaus and Church in the village. The medieval church walls are to the right of the Rathaus. Three of the towers of the church wall can be seen in this photo. This photo is also from a postcard which I bought in Dörrenbach in the Summer of 1949.

The tomb of Ludwig Speyrer. He was not a direct descendant of the Speyrers in the United States, but is rather the grandfather of Norbert and Bertram Speyrer and the grandfather of Hedwig Scheib, wife of Ernst Lammering. Ernst has made a number of trips to Louisiana and is well known and admired by many of us.

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