Ernst Lammering - Wine Expert and Chorus Director

(From the German Newspaper, Südpfalz Kurier - August 14, 1999

Ernst Lammering (he is now 81 years old) invited the 160 guests to a lively wine tasting trip. He has expert knowledge from varied wine tastings not only on well known varieties as Riesling, Muller and Portuguese wines. He is also an expert on Chardonnay, Saint Laurent and a rare sourcherry dessert wine.

He cited a interesting wine proverb: "He who invites friends over for wine, expects of both high quality."

With his talk concluded, the speaker was not allowed to leave. The surprise for him was that the Dierbach Singers spontaneously decided to sing two partings songs from the stage, but the Conductor was not there .... but Ernst could do that as well.

The audience thanked him with much applause.

The German translates as follows:

The card heading reads, Invitation

I cordially invite you to Weinstube Brendei on the occasion of my 90th Birthday. At Oberhofen on Saturday, January 5, 2008 at noon. Instead of gifts I ask for a donation to the Evangelical Kindergarten in Bad Bergzabern. A box for the donation will be provided. Please let us know before December 21st if you will attend.

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