A Leonville Fish-Fry In 1910

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1910 - the location of the picnic was off of highway 31 between
Leonville and Opelousas, Louisiana, towards Grand Coteau, La.

From left to right back row and those standing - Felix Stelly Theophile Speyrer, Antoine Daifrey,
Ovide Robin, Audrey Speyrer, William Richard, George Cuntz, August Robin, Armand Devillier,
Antoine Speyrer,Charles Circé, Joe Carriere, Alcée Rivette, Clement Daifrey, Saul Lavergne,
Hildevert Speyrer and René Stely.

Next row, kneeling, John Speyrer, John Darby, Frank Quebedeaux, seated Jules C. Speyrer,
"Petit" Woodson, Frank Moreau, Armand Stelty and Gonelas Doré (holding cracker box).

Bottom row, Ulger Lancios, Ovide LaHaye, Arthur LaHaye, John Doré, Adolph Doré, John Stelly
and Clebert Daifrey.

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