From Walter Schlicher's Dörrenbach 992 - 1992

Translated by Bishop Jude Speyrer

The Year 992

First mention was made of the town of Dörrenbach in writing.

The Year 1300

A fortress-church with a walled church yard was constructed.

The Mid 1500's

Martin Luther's doctrine is introduced to the region under the Cuttenburg Authority.

The Year 1590

Establishment of the City Council Chambers (Rathauses).

The Years 1684/85

The rampart-church is declared undemoninational, i. e., to be used in turn by both Catholics and Protestants.

The Year 1733

The King of France exercises sovereignty over the area including Dörrenbach.

The Year 1899

A water line came to the town of Dörrenbach.

The Year 1920

Electricity comes to Dörrenbach.

The Years 1944/1945

In the final days of the war, the town suffers considerable damage from artillery fire.

The Year 1992

On the 1000th anniversary of its first historical mention, Dörrenbach celebrates with a homecoming.

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