October 20, 1996

Dear John:

Words cannot express what a great job you did getting the Speyrer reunion together. It was a day in my life I'll always remember and plan to pass it along to all my grandchildren.

I was able only to have one of my sons there, Dave Moser and my other son's little 7 year old daughter, Ashley Moser, but they had their own stories to tell when we got back home.

It was a beautiful thing to see my Mom with her old loved family. At 85 she is still trying to keep up.

Wish I could had visited with you longer. I've so many questions. I'm sure everyone does.

I'll keep you and your loved ones in my prayers. God bless you.

My love and thanks,

Jo Ann Hollingsworth Moser
4618 Sunken Court
Port Arthur, TX 77642

Dear John Allan:

Just a few words of thanks for a job well done and a vote of confidence in you when you plan the ``next'' international get-together.

All of my family (eight were there) enjoyed the reunion.

Please note a change in my son Richard's address. He wanted to be there, but was on the job in Indonesia that day.

Again, it was good seeing so many old friends and relatives and appreciate all of the efforts of the committee..

Henry R. Speyrer
34 Wild Meadow Court
The Woodlands, TX 77380

October 20, 1996

Dear John Allan:

I was a `stranger' at our family reunion, but the planning committee was so good that I found it enjoyable anyway. The Mass with its German/English bilingualism and its symbolic touches from the old village was a wonderful experience.

Ernst Lammering should work for the Tourist Commission, or does, he? He cuts a commanding figure. The oom-pah music during dinner and the French band afterwards finished telling the family story.

I was glad to meet you and your brother Gene, adding two more to your family branch besides Father Jules, Bishop Jude, and Joe LaHaye whom I already knew.

From our Louis Conrad Speyrer branch, I only knew a few from Great-uncle Pierre's and Great-aunt Bertile's family. I suppose other's were in attendance but the tags would have to have been in four colors to distinguish which members were from the descending families of Conrad I's four sons.

Of course, we five of our Grandpa's Conrad's descendant's had a grand time being together. I wish all of my first cousins could have been there.

Great fun! Thanks to all the planners.


Wymie Smith
Jennings, LA

October 27, 1996

Dear John Allan:

We want to congratulate you you on the wonderul reunion. Also the entire committee who worked with you. It must have taken a lot of your time, much planning and organizing to have things run so smoothly.

It was gratifying to see so many younger family members there. I was glad my son was able to be there. He isn't married and has been such a good help to me since my husband had a diabetic stroke 5 years ago.

My daughter and husband (Houston) has 2 teenage sons - one a freshman at the University of Texas in Austin and the other in high school. They just could not get away.

We enjoyed meeting you and other family members, and renewing old acquaintenances. Thanks for everything.


Bill, Barbara Lavergne Fleetwood and Bill Jr
5831 Coolwater Cove
Dallas, Texas 75252

Editor Note.- I have already written to Jo Ann, Henry, Wymie and Barbara and I want to again thank everyone for their gracious compliments. I must confess, however, that my only Reunion job was to sell the meal tickets! Bishop Jude was in charge of the Reunion Church services, while Father Jules directed the other Reunion activities.

Nov 4, 1996

Dear John Allan:

Just a note to congratulate you and the planning committee of the Speyrer Reunion on the great job you did and all the hard work that went into making this event such a success. The number of those who attended was proof that it was enjoyed by all. I was particularly impressed that so many came great distances to renew relationships with their relatives.

On a more personal note, and it may also be of interest to some, I am very proud to say that all of my children and grandchildren managed to come home for the reunion. Daughter, and first-born, Carole came from Ft Pierce, Florida. Also attending were her children, Kay Prejean from Lafayette, and Bobby Melanson. from Moscow, Russia (he is employed by a German company in Moscow).

Dick and wife, Carol, and their three girls, Kristen (attends U.S.L.), Laurie and Emile came from Baton Rouge, Fred and wife, Diane, came from Atlanta, with son Christopher, Mark and Mary were there from Lafayette, and Matt and wife, Michelle, came from Houston.

We also brought with us a dear family friend, Cathy Cox, who lives here in Lafayette. I think this was quite a tribute to their Dad, Anthony (Tony), who passed away in September 1991. 1 am sure he would have been proud to know that all of his children and their children felt such an allegiance to their family ties.

The Mass, concelebrated by Bishop Jude, Father Jules, Father Tom Finley, and Father Michael Champagne, all related and Father Domingue of St Augustine Church, was just beautiful. The relatives in Germany are to be congratulated for coming such a distance. Their presence certainly added enjoyment and excitement to this day.

Thanks again to you and all concerned who did so much to make the reunion enjoyable. Even the weather cooperated! I hope this occasion will be repeated in the not too distant future,


Betty Speyrer
303 St Joseph St
Lafayette, LA 70506

Dear John,

This is to say a big "thank you" to all who helped in making the Speyrer Family Reunion a great time for all. I saw relatives I had not seen in years and others I'd never met and others I see often.

My grandson had never met so many Speyrers as on that day.

Again, you and your helpers did a great job. Thank you.


Ruby Lee Elrod
P. 0. Box 2035
Port Arthur, TX 77643

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