The Search For the Other Speyrer Brothers Continues. . .

by Lloyd E. Speyrer

As a child, I was told that Conrad and three brothers (John, Louis and Michael) had immigrated from Germany to the United States around 1840. Conrad had settled near Grand Coteau, two brothers had moved north, and one had returned to Germany. What had happened to the other brothers had always been a question at the back of my mind. Now, that question is being answered. In my first article, (Searching In Acadiana For the "Other" Speyrers ) I had found John and his family in the Grand Prairie area. One part of my question was answered. That information was sufficient for the moment. I could go back and do more research on this family. I still had two parts of my question unanswered and that was the direction in which I was driven.

I am happy to report that another part of the question has been answered. I discovered some very interesting things about Louis. Some of the clues came from Bill Richardson's article in Newsletter #2. Thank you Bill, and I hope that this information has solved your puzzle.

NOTE: John purchased a piece of land from Francois Aroin at the place called "La Petite Pass" in from Francois Aroin at the place called "La Petite Pass" in Grand Prairie on 12 October 1843. This piece of land measured three arpents by forty arpents with Bayou La Petit Pass as its southern boundary. He purchased this land for four hundred dollars.

NOTE: John was the first SPEYRER, in the United States to appear in court for failure to pay a debt. He was sued by William B. McElroy for a promissory note of one hudred and fifty dollars, dated 3 November 1840. On 25 November, 1847 judgment was for the plaintiff with ten percent interest from 5 May 1941 until paid.

Louis Speyrer married (date unknown) Elizabeth Croop (possibly Krupe) who was born in Germany about 1825. They had two children: Louise, born 8 January 1846, died 20 October 1856 at age 10; and Amelia, born 9 August 1847, married Lorenz Romback 23 May 1871 (Franklin, La). I have found no record of Elizabeth's death, however, she must have died between 1847 and 1856. The following information will explain my supposition:

NOTE: Louis Speyrer purchased a piece of land from Achille Aroin in La Prairie Belair on 20 March 1846. This piece of land measured two arpents by twenty-eight arpents (136 arpents) which was bordered by land owned by John Speyrer. He purchased this land for four hundred dollars.

Louis married Celanie (Taylor/Stelly) (Celamie Miller), the widow of Nathaniel Arcele Chretien 14 January 1856. (The three variations of Celanie's name can be explained. Her father was Michael George Stelly and her mother was Suzanne Taylor). Their marriage bond was signed by George Stelly. This explains the Stelly/Taylor variation, however, the Miller variation is a bit more complex. The name Taylor was sometimes spelled Teller, therefore, the eller in Teller and the Iller in Miller with a tranposition of M for T and you have a third variation. Besides, what are the probabilities of one man marrying two Celanies and a Celamie? Celanie died 1 August 1862, at age 35. They had a daughter: Marie, born 5 June 1862.

Marie married Jules Lagrange 18 November 1879. They had two children: Marie Alide, born 12 April 1881; and Josephine, born 14 January 1883. Jules died 12 May 1865 at age 24. She, then married Jerome Stelly 10 July 1888. There were five children of this marriage: Joseph Louis, born 23 May 1889; Marie Mathilde, born 28 July 1890, married Achille Boudreaux 15 January 1907; Joseph, born 23 July 1893, died 7 August 1899 at age 6; Marie Melanie, born 31 October 1896; and Yves, born 31 July 1907.

Louis married Azelia Mayer, the widow of Thegene Stelly 25 April 1864. They had a daughter: Josephine Andre, born 11 March 1865, married Albert Stutes 18 April 1901. Josephine and Albert had a son: Moise Stutes, born 9 November 1904.

NOTE: The marriage bond of Louis Speyrer and Azelia Mayer was witnessed by Conrad Speyrer.
Louis, then married Celina Ragan, the widow of Robert Mayer 15 May 1869. They had a son: Jean Baptiste, born 14 Jan 1873.

In my first letter, I had thought that Louis Speyrer, who had married Celanie Stelly and Azelia Mayer, was the son of John Speyrer. However, this new evidence, shows that I was mistaken. It was Louis, Conrad's brother. All of his marriages, except for Elizabeth Croop, are confirmed by his signature on the marriage bonds.

Louis Speyrer died 26 June 1897 at the age of 84.

NOTE: When did the spelling of the SPEYRER name change in the United States from SPEIRER? All four of the brothers signed legal documents SPEIRER

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