Dörrenbach, d.10.11-1996
D 76889 D ö R R E N B A C H

To all my relatives of the Speyrer Family in America:

After a quiet flight with good weather we landed in Frankfort on Saturday 10-19-96. With this landing we finished a trip, which will remain positively in our memory forever.

We were very surprised that there were so many members of the Speyrer family in America. There are so many more than in Dörrenbach. Sadly the Speyrer family in Dörrenbach is getting smaller and smaller.

We were deeply impressed by the Speyrer Fest and the church service in Basile. We have met so many nice people. It was impossible to get to know everyone thoroughly. We hope that we, at least, will meet some of you again sometimes. All of you were very friendly and kind to us. We felt part of a great family. For that we want to thank you with all our heart.

We were able to trace Konrad Speyrer's steps from his arrival in America to his last resting place in the cemetery. We learned a little bit about his life. We learned that Konrad went to America with only a bible, which we saw in the church in Basile, and 50 pfennigs (cents) in his possession.

Today it is hard to imagine with what diligence he had to work to create an existence for himself. We will keep him in our memories as a diligent God-fearing man.

We were very impressed by the 'Country' America. Everything is much bigger and vvider than in Germany. Because of this, everything is much freer than in Germany. With us, everything is strictly regulated. For every house that is being built or remodeled, strict guidelines have to be followed and State permits have to be obtained.

Also old cars and trucks cannot be abandoned on private property. These old vehicles have to be destroyed in a State- permitted junkyard. These are some impressions I did get.

The large fields and the work of farmers were of great interest to me. I was so enthusiastic that I wanted to become a farmer and run a large farm. I was also very much interested in the hunting and fishing. These hobbies can be practiced beautifully in America.

In closing, we want to thank all of you who invited us and whom we were allowed to visit. There were so many that we cannot count them all.

A special thanks to Anna and Doris Courville who housed us, fed us, and drove us all over by car.

We want to wish all the Speyrer family relatives a Merry Christmas and a 'Good Easy Slide" into the year 1997.

Norbert and Christel

(Translated by Charles "Dutch " Spekschate),

* * *

Ernst Lammering

Zeppelinstrasse 4

76887 Bad Bergzabem, den 27.Oktober.96

Dear John Allan and Gene:

After a pleasant flight, we arrived in Frankfort in high spirits and with many fond memories. The van which was to bring us home was already there and at 10 AM we were already in Bad Bergzabem. We arrived in Frankfort at 7:50 AM.

We were very impressed and happy that so many of the family were at the airport to see us off, even though you had to wait for our flight to depart. In Dallas, we had plenty of time to board the next plane.

Norbert and Christel were very impressed by the days they spent in Louisiana - for me it was once again a demonstration of affectionate care and hospitality and each encounter with a member of the family brought new joy and the sight of welcoming faces. Surely you saw at our departure how moved I was. Please tell everyone who was there of my heartfelt thanks, since I was unable to communicate my feelings to them.

In the meantime, it has been over a week that I have been home again and the course of the day's events have taken over once more. It will be some time until I can write to everyone. It is now a really extensive exchange of correspondence. However, I am endeavoring to keep up, if I may say so.

I am writing today to Sis and Emile Benoit. They looked after me so wonderfully and so kindly that it is difficult to find the words to thank them. With their first greetings they told me, 'Our home is your home' and I found that so wonderful and am still thinking about how great their hospitality was. Both are such lovely people that one can only view them with amazement.

So may I now convey my heartfelt greetings to all. Even though I am back in my daily routine again, I wn still with all of you in thought, so be greeted heartily, remain I good health, and may God protect you,

Ernst and Hedwig

(Translated by Gene Speyrer)

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