Two Notable Buildings in Dörrenbach, Germany

Undoubtedly, the two most important and interesting buildings in Dörrenbach are the Rathaus and the Church. Both date from the Middle Ages and are located alongside each other.

The Village Council-Hall (Rathaus) was built in 1590 and constructed in typical half-timbered style, with panels of masonry plaster formed by heavy construction timbers. The building still houses the Mayor's Office and the Village Council. Considered today to be one of the best examples of its time, it is visited by several thousands of tourists each Summer.

(Text by Gene Speyrer)

The Church-Fortress dates from the year 1304. Gangs of robbers, roaming the local villages, made the villagers turn to fortresses for protection. Most of the Church-Fortresses in the area are in ruin, but the one in Dörrenbach is still in use by both Catholics and Protestants. The walls of the Church-Fortress are 20 feet high and 3 feet thick. Constructed of sandstone blocks, the fortress walls form a square around the Church and graveyard. Part of the wall may be seen in the picture above.

(Text by Gene Speyrer)

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