Photos From the Speyrer Family Reunion
Album 4

October 12, 1996. St Augustine Church in Basile, La. Ernst Lammering brings to the altar, wine fermented from grapes grown in Dorrenbach, altar bread from wheat grown near Dorrenbach and Conrad Speyrer's bible which he brought with him from Germany in 1842.

The oldest Speyrer man attending the Speyrer Family Reunion was 86 years old, Daniel Speyrer, shown with his son, Lloyd E. Speyrer. Dan lives in Opelousas, La. He is the son of Pierre Speyrer and Josephine Claus. His grandfather was Louis Speyrer and grandmother, was Virginie F. Carrier. Louis Speyrer was the first-born born son of Conrad Speyrer.

The oldest Speyrer family woman who attended the Speyrer Reunion was Rosalie Deshotels Guillory (age 96), of Ville Platte, La. She is the daughter of J. B Deshotels and Ortelio Pitre. J. B. Deshotels was a descendant of Hildevert Deshotels and Zelima Speyrer. Zelima Speyrer was the descendant of Johannes, a brother of Conrad Speyrer, and immigrated to the United States from Doerrenbach, Germany.

Dr. James Hollingsworth with his mother, Ivy Speyrer Hollingsworth who reside in Port Arthur, Texas.

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