From the Reunion Issue of the
Speyrer Family Newsletter

All with whom I have spoken have agreed that the October 12, 1996 Speyrer Family Reunion was an unqualified success. The weather cooperated completely as family members and friends came from Texas, California, Virginia, Ohio, and Florida and from as far away as Moscow, Russia!

Father Jules C. Speyrer was the coordinator of the event, and Bishop Jude Speyrer was in charge of the liturgical services as well as principal celebrant of the concelebrated Mass in St Augustine Church. Concelebrants included Father Jules Speyrer, Basile, retired; Father Ken Dominque, pastor; Father Tommy Finley, Lafayette, whose mother was the former Alice Speyrer; Father Michael Champagne, Lafayette, whose mother was the former Sarah Speyrer. Also invited because of their relationship to the Speyrer family, but unable to attend were Fathers Lloyd Benoit, Cecilia and Kenneth Mayne, Abbeville.

The success of the reunion was due to everyone's efforts and to those who helped decorate the J. C. Speyrer Center, prepared coffee, bought doughnuts, etc. Particular thanks go to, Sara Speyrer Champagne, Anna Courville, Dr. Tom and Marie Louise LaHaye and Elie and Lucienne Speyrer who helped decorate the building.

Traveling all the way from the ancestral Speyrer homeland were Ernst Lammering 78, of Bad Bergzabern, Germany, and Norbert and Crystal Speyrer of Doerrenbach, Germany. The attendance of our German family members was one of the main attractions of our family reunion and many who had met Ernst Lammering when he was here in the Summer of 1993 were anxious to renew his acquaintance and to meet Norbert and Crystal for the first time.

During the eight days visit, Ernst resided with Emile and ``Sis'' Benoit, while Norbert and Crystal lived with Doris and Anna Courville in Leonville. Doris had known Norbert and his parents, Ludwig Speyrer and Helene Cuntz, for many years while he was stationed in Germany during military service. During their visit, our honored guests visited New Orleans, Opelousas, Lafayette, Washington, Mallet and many points in between.

Our German relatives return trip home began at the Lafayette airport on Friday, October 18th at 11:30 a.m. From Dallas they boarded a direct flight to Frankfort, Germany, where they arrived early Saturday morning. On that very same day, Ernst was scheduled to give a lecture on wines at a winery near his home in Bad Bergzabern! Everyone who knows 78 years old Ernst is amazed at the physical endurance he possesses. Hopefully, both he and Norbert and Crystal will have happy memories of their short stay with us.

The Furthest Traveled . . .

Robert Melanson, grandson of Anthony and Betty Speyrer, traveled the longest distance to attend our reunion, coming all the way from Moscow, Russia! If recognition of the shortest distance traveled would have been made, undoubtedly Father Speyrer would have won since he lives across the street from the Jules C. Speyrer building which bears his name.

. . .And the Oldest

The oldest woman in attendance was 96-year old Rosalie Deshotels Guillory of Ville Platte. The oldest man was Daniel Speyrer, 86, of Opelousas. Dan told me that if the reunion had been scheduled the day before he would not have been able to attend because of ill health.

Last Issue of the Newsletter

And lastly, I am sorry to announce that this issue will be the last issue of the Speyrer Family Newsletter. It is not a lack of interest which is the causing the newsletter's demise but rather that we have no additional articles remaining to be printed.

A problem remains, however. In a sense it is a good problem, but nonetheless is a problem. Before printing this issue, we had a remaining balance of over $2,000.00. See my comments at the bottom of the financial statement. Should we make contributions, grant scholarships, bind copies of newsletters for area libraries, reimburse members dues? How should we dispose of the remaining newsletters? We need input from members about how to disburse the remaining money.

[Note: As of January 21, 1999 we still have $219.35 remaining in the treasury.]

Thanks to all family members and friends, who by joining the association, made possible the Speyrer Family Newsletter and the Speyrer Family Reunion.

Each member is being sent four copies of this issue so that the copies may be used as gifts to children and gandchildren. The issue is being printed on a higher quality paper than usual.

And thanks to the many who contributed articles and/or wrote letters to the newsletter. These included Bishop Jude, Fr. Jules, Wymie Smith, Sig Lanoux, Mary Speyrer, Bill Richardson, Patricia Scioneaux, Sue Crosland, Margaret Marks Lanclos, Lloyd E. Speyrer, Laurence M. Weber, Alice Finley, B. J. Sloane, Jr, Lucy M. Mason, Emile M. Benoit, Matthew Z. Dolle, Monica S. Bonura, Charles R. Speyrer, Dr. Jim Hollingsworth, Huey Speyrer, Charles Blaine Hebert, Ernst Lammering, Jean H. Lindsey, Ronald J. White, and George and Rita Potter.

It has been a pleasure serving as your editor.

John A. Speyrer

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