Les Vieux Temps

- Early Days of Leonville, La and Environs -
Photo Album 1

Charles Circé, a Canadian, ran a private school in Leonville during the early part of the twentieth century. Back row, second from the left is Emelie Quebedeaux, fifth from the left is Lelia Speyrer, on her right is Charles Circé and second from the right is Marie Arnaud. Photo dates circa 1906.
(Photo and names furnished by Marie LaHaye.)

There were many foot bridges
crossing Bayou Teche in the old days. This one was
near the train tressel.

Jean B. Speyrer (John Speyrer)
with his horse "Blue." (1917)

Leonville High School

The school was constructed in 1921.
The photo is from 1955.

St Leo's Catholic Church in Leonville, La, after a rare snow-fall.

This church was the second and constructed in 1909. For a photograph of Leonville's first St Leo's Church see High Lights in the Early History of St Leo The Great Church In Leonville. The third St Leo's was built in 1955.

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