Les Vieux Temps

- Earlier Days In Leonville, La and Environs -
Photo Album 4

View of Leonville, La, Looking east
St Leo's Church and cemetery in foreground

Photo circa late 1950s.

Leonville, LA - Four Corners

Photo circa late 1950s

Pecanniere Elementary School

Photo circa late 1960s?

View of the Remodeled Pecanniere Elementary School.
Present Residence of Judge Joseph and Nettie LaHaye

Photo January, 2000

The residence of Jules Conrad Speyrer and spouse, Eula Lee Richard. Jules Conrad was son of Conrad Speyrer and Josephine Quevedo. It was also the residence of Jules Conrad and his second wife, Edna Guidry. Most of the 13 children of Jules C. Speyrer were born in this house. It was built by the Jules Frilot brothers no later than the early 1880's. Many claim it is the oldest residential building in the Town of Leonville. The home was constructed square nail and used mud and moss insulation between some walls. Another old residence in Leonville was the Joseph Robin home.

An extension of the house was made to the east by carpenter Gonelas Doré. On the western side of the porch, a typical cajun stairway to the attic (le garçonniere) was a part of the original structure.

The original house did not have a kitchen. The outdoor kitchen was apart and to the rear of the house, but after , J. C. Speyrer's first wife, Eula Lee Richard, developed pneumonia, the kitchen was enclosed as part of the house and a porch was added to the back of the dwelling.

Through the years it has hosted many family gatherings, home dances (balles des maison). Catholic Mass was offered there by Jesuit priests from nearby Grand Coteau before St. Leo's Church was erected. Fr. Jules C. Speyrer remarks, "If those walls had ears . . . and if they could now talk. . "

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