My name is Vugar Seidov. I am originally from Azerbaijan, currently living in Hungary.

In 1989, I graduated from Moscow Lomonosov University and received my first degree in History. Then I continued my studies at the Department of History on a doctoral level. In 1995-96, I completed the Master's program in International Relations & European Studies at Central European University in Prague/Budapest. Finally, in 1997 I graduated from Cambridge University (Churchill College) and received an M.Phil in International Relations.

Currently I am involved in private consultancy and analysis. I provide consultancy services to major international organizations on humanitarian, legal and international issues. I contribute to Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy's English-language monthly on-line magazine and to the Russian-language newspaper "ECHO".

I am the founder of the Azerbaijan National Cultural Association of Hungary.

Thank you for visiting this site.

Vugar Seidov, Ph.D.