dana and me at a concert in August

if i were goth, it might go something like this (halloween 2000)

whid at the river

the whidcon smoking rock at the river, as viewed from the non-smoking rock

last year's APO exec at formal

seniors at APO formal, 2000

nicole and me last halloween

the 1205 girls

becca and me at westhampton senior formal, 1999

bruce and a group of gals

dana and me at westhampton senior formal

dr. d. on band tour, 1998

APO formal 1 - 1999

APO formal2 - 1999

halloween, 1998

me and my bass drum

nicole, dana, and me after nicole's recital

our deanery idol, the quaker lady painting

alison, dee, and me before our senior prom

the cherry hill east cougar, as presented by the percussion section

The Rodent:

my hamster, asleep

my hamster

my hamster again

surprised hamster