WHO AM I????
well i guess i could tell you about me since ive brought you this far. I go to Miami University in Hamilton OH (Oxford scares me). I live in Fairfield the home of hammocks and snail racing. (no i don't condone harming snails in any way)

Who the hell am i?

im the one who randomly handcuffs herself to inanimate objects.
im the one that you cant decide whether she is 20 or 10 (when she is niether).
im the one who wears the big blonde pigtails usually.
im the one that sits and watches how humans interact with a strange curiosity.
im the one that holds the key that the antelopes need when they attack.
im the one with the bodice..if youve seen it you know what im tallking about.
im the one thats always with that wierd chick (shes my best friend)
im the one who peeks out from behind her hair when shes frightened
im the one that withdrawls to the corner when defeated
im the one who will fight to the brutal end if i feel i am right
i am me, and i like me, so if you dont like me then...uhmmm ok its your choice
what am i not?

this is what i refuse to be or do and get very pissy when accused of it

i am not going to kill/bomb/threaten anyone...yes i wear black most of the time, it doesnt mean im a killer or should be followed around stores.
i am not insane..im a psych major acutally and i find it funny when people mistake eccentric with crazy
i am not close minded...i accept everyone if they accept me, even if they wear cute little tank tops, 500 dollar designer clothes,....etc.
i am not, i repeat am not a mansonite....there is so much better music to be obsessed with people!
im not suicidal...i think suicide is the easy way out and selfish...etc.
i am not you, you are not me, so some people need to stop pushing their religion, hatred, and opinions on me!!! i have my own dammit
take me back to the zoo mommy its scary here