Why would you want to know about me?? Well, you asked for it, here it is...
Main shit first, my real name is Jovy Marie, last name irrelevant, why would you need to know my last name? You don't. So there. Nah. Okay, I live in a little shit of a town in Northern Cali. I bet you never heard of it!! It's called Vacaville. Now aren't I proud to be living here...NO, I'm just lying to myself. I hate it. Monotony wasted mind...*sigh* Wanna know what we in Vacaville do for fun? LEAVE THIS PLACE. The main destinations are Berkeley or San Fran. Neither of them are too far from here, which makes life livable.

Okay, I'm a female, and I'm 16. I'm a junior in high school at the imfamous VACA HIGH (that website is shitty, but if you're ever bored outta your wits with nothing to do and you NEED to kill time, the Vacaville High School Webpage will get a good ten minutes off of your hands.)

What else could you possibly need to know about me? Here's some misc. info...

Rats, rodents, Charlie Manson, illegal substances, Hellraiser...

Justin Rice, his life ambition is to "make you [Jovy] die laughing, well, not die, maybe choke a little." (direct quote) I love the boy to death...what more can I say?

Danielle Rowlee (those who know her know exactly what I mean.) For the fortunate ones who have not come across this girl, do your best to keep your distance...serious. Ask anyone.

Words To Describe Me:
STRONG believer in revenge, violent when I want to be, rebellious, paranoid (yes, I admit it...) I obsess over strange things (don't we all...), short tempered (yes, I admit that too...), a bit quiet one to those who don't know me well, quiet in a new crowd around people I just met, a LOUDMOUTH around people I know well and like. I'm quite the jealous type. Umm..I'm undecided sexuality wise...actually, I can go both ways...say what you will, I don't care, I've heard it all.

The things that make me *smile*:
Well, people make me smile..especially...JUSTIN RICE...Other people that deserve a mention....Ian (MISTER Testosterone), Darla (The Delectible Darlooney), Lizard (My secret lover..heeheehee. j/k) , Dorsey ("oooh wee ooh, I look just like"...oh, sorry Dorse...), Tygerlily (Very gaseous while on an acid trip), Nicole (The pretty girl in the cheetah print dress!), Timmy (watch out for TICKLE MONSTER!) and Dustin (the stoniest guy I know), Alison (the woman with the ACCESS GAS...) Karin (nipple??), and all my other buddies...They all keep me laughing...Things that interest me are serial killers, mass murderers, necrophilia, death, strange human behavior, beastiality, and of course, all forms of narcotics, black nailpolish, makeup on guys, purple lipstick, I love to bite people (for those who know me personally have learned this allready!! I especially like to bite Justin...) nice neck...what else...hmm, oh yeah, I like rats. As pets...they're cute (hey, come one now, yes, they are. If you say they're ugly, I might just have to kill you...). My favorite rat is David. He's very cute and affectionate.

OKAY, THAT'S ME...and if you don't like it deal with it...it's not like everyone is SUPPOSED to get along......you don't have the power to change me...(I thank mother nature for not giving you that power...)

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