Okay, here goes...like what I've said before, if you misunderstand what I'm trying to say, I offer no apologies...I don't expect you to understand me, but keep an open mind. Without an open mind, you should not exist, you are allready nothing. All these have stories behind them, but I don't care to explain...
Burning away all my fears
I give in to the cry of my body.
A dangerous blend of pain and desire.
A seemingly fatal pleasure,
The perfect sin.
I am your slave tonite.
Your screaming prisoner,
Crying for more pain.
It sends a thrilling madness thru out.
Desperate gasps of breathe,
I feel like I'm dying...
This love is death in my eyes...
I don't mind.

Death is throbbing in my skull
Pounding away the last of my joy
With a mind wrecking rythym.
I stand alone in the dawn of darkness
And suffer the pains of loneliness.
If I denied reality...
Then maybe I can live this life.
Bury all that i ever was,
Forget what I am,
Change what I was to be,
Then maybe I can live this life.
Deep within the darkness of my dreams,
Death lingers over me
Teasing my steps,
Blanket of darksness wrapped like a shroud,
Carrying me away...

I am blind to what's happening.
Do I exist?
I am just a shadow stealing my body's breath.
A lonely soul locked in the pale skin.
I show no signs of life.
Except a nod, a shiver, maybe a wink...
A prisoner to the reaper,
My only true friend.
Allthough my grave is hollowed,
My death is not complete.
Hole in my soul.
Pain in my vein.
Take me down.
Take me with you death.
I can't stand this life in between...

I am the thief who hides behind the lite,
Beneath the filth of a thousand burning liars,
And I'm laughing...
Our parents stand crying,
Disappointed at the flesh they have created...
You sold me to the beggars.
Is it us you fear?
Look in my eyes,
And you'll see yourself staring back.
I came from you,
I am a part of you,
You are a part of me...

Clouds, come out, hide the sun
So I can come out and play.
The sun keeps me hiding.
I love the rain, it falls like I do.
Dead to the touch of the sunlite.
It makes me eternally sick.
Makes me cold and bitter.
Clouds come out, hide the sun.
Rain start pouring down,
And hide my tears.
I can't bear the sun.
I pray for the rain to come out,
So it can hide my tears
So I can cry freely...

It's one big maze, one big surpirse
I watch the world thru blinded eyes.
Your poisoned sky, your blackened sun,
Your fear of the imperfect one.
I'm locked inside my walls of skin,
You knock but I won't let you in.
One day you will finally see
All you want to know of me.
You can run, you can hide,
Your just a scared child inside.
Fear me, love me, do what you may.
I am here, forever to stay...

Embrace the pain.
That's all that I have.
Surrounded by an emptyness
That pulls me down.
An emptyness heavy on my heart
An emptyness that slowly kills me.
Take a look at me.
Can you see?
I'm in my own hell.
Soundless misery pulling me down.
My tears stain the earth,
My blood drips deep,
My cries pollute the air.
I know you may never be mine,
I might as well die.
This is killing me...

Poems by my friend Lizzy

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