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Ok. Glenn Gould was an amazing, talented man. But let's not forget he was absolutely gorgeous.


If you want real information about Glenn Gould, here's a list of my favorite links:

Glenn Gould Archives - part of the National Library of Canada. Lots of writings by and about Gould, rare live recordings on RealPlayer, photos, and much more.

The Glenn Gould Foundation, established in Toronto in 1983.

The Glenn Gould Performance Database - information on every live performance Glenn Gould gave from February 16, 1945 to April 10, 1964.

F Minor - Glenn Gould mailing list.

Doncherry, a wonderful place to start if you want to learn more about Glenn Gould.

Liner notes to his 1956 recording of the Goldberg Variations.


My piano teacher met him!

'I interviewed GG in 1957 for the "Scarlet and Grey", theLord Byng High School (my high school) student newspaper in Vancouver!  He agreed to be interviewed after his recital at the Georgia Auditorium which he gave after he returned from a triumphant success in Russia where he won a big competition, and wowed everyone with his playing of the Goldberg!  I went back after the concert and met him in this huge locker room which was his backstage "Greenroom" and we were all alone for about 20 minutes!  Just me and Glenn. Eat your heart out!!  He was every bit as cute as his early photos suggest, and wore a huge brown woolen overcoat, a long, dangling scarf, and woolen gloves as we spoke.  I remember that he showed me a suitcase made of brown leather -- really beaten up and old -- where he kept all his pills.  That is all that there was in it:  pills.  He took some as we talked. He was like the older guys at my high school -- very "normal" in the way he spoke.  Was animated and interesting and he seemed really glad to be talking with me. He gave me a super interview which was published in the school newspaper and which I have subsequently lost. I now have some contacts at the school and I wonder if they have archived the old Scarlet and Greys.  I think I will e-mail them and ask.  If I find a copy with my article I will send it along!'