Loveboat '99

Here I am in lonely Nova Scotia (a leetle piece of land sticking off of Cana-DUH into the Atlantic Ocean) reminiscing about my lovely summer in Taiwan. 'Gee,' I thought, 'I'd sure like to reminisce some more, but maybe in a productive way.' Accordingly, I put together a nice, little, unassuming webpage I cleverly titled "Loveboat '99." Enjoy :

Wondering what loveboat is? Here are some links:

The official unofficial website. As of today, there's not much there.

Huh, it's the official website. I didn't know it had one.

Hello all my friends from loveboat! I miss you!

My scanner is now working; yay! Photos coming soon.

Thanks to Mike for the following photos (click on any if you would actually like to see them bigger). Visit Mike's loveboat page. He did not ask for this link. These photos (except the first) were all taken during the 9-day trip around the island.

If you have your own loveboat page you'd like me to link to, or any scanned photos that you would like to share that would be so nice! Email me please :)

Beds with a view; Ocean University at Keelung. Not for the faint of heart.

We spent 2 weeks in this place.

We found bugs in the bed.

You should see the bathrooms.

Mike, me and Howard

One of the many, many, many "Forest Recreational Areas" we visited. How beautiful! How scenic! Get me some air conditioning!

Minutes after this, Howard fell asleep on a table.

Mike and Howard at Kenting (I think) expressing their concern over possible snakes and bugs lurking in the park.
(minutes later, in the same park)

We pose in a snake and bug infested tree.

Howard and Mike caught off guard by a group of kung-fu terrorists. Or maybe they were just posing with students at a military college. I forget.
Mike demonstrates both his knowledge of kung-fu and his lack of concern for personal safety as he does the praying mantis on a cliff overhang about 2 stories up.
Me and Mike on aforesaid cliff. We both spit on the cliff so it's like a part of us will always be there. Aww. It was kind of gross.
It's okay, this is part of a skit we did. And won the bus talent show, we did.

More to come!

But meanwhile, you can leave me a note here :)

*** Nov. 12 - As promised, more loveboat pics! And yes, I should be studying right now, thanks :) ***

I somehow got into Kiss (a nightclub in Taipei) with the camera in my hand... I suppose it looked like a purse.

This is me and Howie! Later that night, we snuck into one of those private rich-ass rooms, but were kicked out minutes later by a security guard.

And no, that's not his hair, it's a girl standing behind him.

In Shi-men-ding (sp??), shopping district in Taipei.

Shot for a Net ad.

Later that day, at the Hard Rock Cafe.

The first time we had 'real north american food' in weeks and weeks.

They have amazing nachos there, but oh so expensive. They had a dance floor there too... felt a bit silly.

The 9 day trip...

Kim, Simon, Howie and me, before going on a log coaster ride at - I think it was the Aboriginal Culture Village (yeah, that is a strange name).

Later that day, the tables were turned on Howie with the bumper cars.

Later the same day...

Ok, you tell me what this is. Radon, or something, from some video game.

Celebrating Nina's 19th b-day in Kenting - Min and his concubines.

What an amusing night. This was after the whole let's go to a karoke, let's play drinking games thing just didn't work out.

Kung-fu at Taroko Gorge

I've wanted to go to Taroko Gorge for so long... too bad it was raining that day. During a dry spell, we stop off for some photo ops.

At a Buddhist shrine in central Taiwan.
Scary looking pufferfish.

This was seriously one of the best nights the entire trip... GO TEAM!

Bus F!! Note the impromptu bus signs... after Vicky dropped the original ones down an elevator shaft!

Photos from our skit Taiwanic (based losely on a recent, rather popular movie starring rat boy, and lots and lots of water).

'Jack... I'm flying!'

Rose (Jessica) and her mum (Angela) check out the prospects.

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