Guys, I would prefer that you don't three-dimensionalize my sheep.

There are some things that you need a guy for.

It's been a long time since I've taken a shower with someone.

I could also make some money working the streets.

I could jump on a velcro wall without a suit!

Don't talk about turning the penis on...

Window, bathroom, same thing.

I don't remember anything I haven't done in the coffee shop.

Orgasms don't really interest me.

They are pleasure toys for Ralph.

It's just a little thingy. Let the boys have their toys.

Come on bum, don't let me down now!

It could easily be a two-person position.

I want to get one of those foam guys; I hear they're really good.

Given the opportunity, I would eat Megan*.

You can frisk me if you want!
Is that a promise?

Let's go up to Julia's* room and turn our shirts inside out.

The exam's in Flemington!

Willie Nelson? But it would fall off!

*Name has been changed because I don't think these people would appreciate it if their names were attached. Also maybe one of them was me.

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